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You are welcome to our online document services. Here, you can buy a driving license, buy a passport, buy a resident cards and id cards. Also, we provide these documents and do home delivery for all clients who order directly from our website. Moreover, we have specialists who corporate in all EU countries including the UK to provide real documents to our clients. However, our influence have lately been expanded to the US, Canada, middle ease and Asia where we now get regular clients too. Finally we have served so many clients already who buy the driving license category B, clients who buy passports, clients who buy IELTS certificates and much more.

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It is possible to buy a registered driver’s license from us. Also, we demonstrate this capability with ease because we have a wide range of registration agents in most countries who assist us in the registration process. More so, you always have to provide the correct information when you buy your registered driver’s license to avoid errors. Therefore, our driving licenses are real and you can use them wherever they are applicable around the world. Moreover, we have clients who buy registered driver’s license from us all over the world and our client list keeps expanding. 

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Several factors affect driving license prices first of which is the driving license country. Also, there are other factors that affect the cost of a driving license on this website which include the category of the driving license you are paying for.  To add to that, it is obvious that for registered driving licenses, the cost of registration varies depending on the category of driving license you buy. This implies that for a given country, say Germany, the cost of a German driving license category C will be more than the cost of a German driving license category B. In addition to this, least factor affecting the price of a driving license is the location of the buyer. 

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Buying a real registered passport from us is not complicated. In the first place, we need accurate information from our clients for the registration of your information when you buy the registered passport. Moreover, it is very easy to buy a registered passport from us. Secondly, with your correct information, we forward this information to our registration agent in the specific country and pay a registration fee to get your information in their database records. In addition to getting your information in the database, at this stage, we get a valid passport number for the client who buys the registered passport. Finally, it is important to know that when you buy a registered passport from us, it takes just 5 to 7 days to get through this process and deliver your new passport.