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When we started producing and distributing passports, again, we started with the German passport in 2012. Then after that we began having more clients buying passports from Frankfurt, also passports from Munich. And then, we had clients buying passports from Berlin Germany and other cities in Europe.

Still, in the coming years, our business expanded to Russia where our Russian partner brought in his associates from Moscow. Our clients in Russia were buying Russian passports, German passports, and other EU country passports. Then, we expanded to production and distribution of real passports to Austria. Vienna came easily because we were already well established in Germany.  The number of clients in Austria ordering passports was growing at an encouraging rate. The many orders for passports and other documents helped to push us to become more organized with our filing system. Furthermore, we started producing the registered Switzerland passport and the registered Netherlands passport too.

Finally, we did set a goal to be able to provide passports to every country in Europe. Hence, we moved to production and distribution of real passport in London and the rest of Uk. We could not penetrate the UK’s “fake passport” system without using the help of some Lords and notables. Of course, our influence needed to keep expanding and we were open to making new partners. As long as making new partners made it easier to produce and distribute original passports, we were ready to go. Then, we started the production of passports in Sweden and Ireland. At this time, clients buying passports and driver’s licenses became too many and we decided to split up the company into departments controlled by our various partners. Moreover, our central command is still in Cologne Germany. We now have passports production and distribution going on for Hungary, Estonia, Romania and several other European driving licenses.

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We live in a time of adversities. Our world is full of boundaries; limits on how much we can earn, how we spend, what we can do with our money, where we can go, where we can live, and where we can work. Worse still, some of us face discrimination and prejudice against our religion, our sexuality, and even our very existence. Having a new passport in a brand-new country with no such limitations, without discrimination, allowing you to do whatever you want with your money is truly liberating, and easily accessible thanks to Fastest Docs 24/7.

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For those of us who are not criminals, the right to travel without severe restrictions in a free country should be ours, and not be denied just because of the politics of the country in which we were born. If one has to work long and hard to build a business, why should they suffer financially as soon as one begins to reap the benefits of their work?


People desire second passports for various reasons and acquire second passports by various means. Acquiring A second passport opens doors offshore otherwise closed to Americans. Best of all, dual citizenship and a second passport can be your key to reduced taxes and increased asset protection and it could even protect your life. This passport is granted through any of the legal ways to acquire the second passport for our clients. Buy real Passport Online

There is absolutely nothing wrong in claiming one’s right to citizenship of a country, especially if there are several benefits that can be derived as a citizen. However, people should not acquire a second passport simply to become a citizen of another country. They should have valid sound reasons for acquiring a new passport and know exactly why they wish to become a citizen of another country, as not every country accepts the dual citizenship of its nationals.

We live in troubled times. Our world is full of restrictions; restrictions on how much we can earn, how we spend, what we can do with our money, where we can travel, where we can live and where we can work. Even more seriously, some of us face prejudice, prejudice against our religion, sexuality, even our very lives. Owning a new passport to a brand new country that is free from such restrictions, free from prejudice, that allows you to do whatever you want with your money is a truly liberating experience, and one which is easily attainable thanks to Global Travel Docs.